Italian man



Italy is very diverse: the north is very different from the south in style and standard of living, so I believe that men are also different. In the south you are more likely to find a jealous. In the north, everything is democratic, as in any other civilized European country. Southern and northern Italians are distinguished even by height and appearance. In the south, they are lower and darker, in the north - medium or high growth and lighter. What you need to know to  dating an Italian man .

The driving engine of Italian success has always been the institution of the family, the faith in which in Italy is very strong. Loyalty to family and close friends, the desire for mutual understanding and patience, according to Italians, will always be able to resolve any contradictions.

Italians are very inventive people, energetic, responsive, often use a creative approach in their work. Nevertheless, the main sign of leadership is not the ability of a person to make decisions, as is customary in most countries, but his position in society, in power.

Italians really prefer blondes. True, they interpret this concept extensively: any girl with a degree slightly lighter than the crow of the wing has a chance to become the object of attack, and the more south, the more likely. Italians also love tall (Mediterranean girls are low). But the maxim about the path to the heart through the stomach on the Apennines does not work: a self-respecting Italian sincerely believes that it is safe to let exactly one woman - his own mother - to the plate.

Italy in our view is women with the bends of Monica Bellucci and the expressiveness of Sophie Lauren in the film "Marriage in Italian" and charismatic Italian very with the charm of Marcello Mastroianni. Google breaks from tips on how to have an affair with an Italian, and each marriage agency offers help in choosing candidates for spouses.